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Close up of Sigma camera

SIGMA is a leading global manufacturer of cameras, lenses, and photographic accessories. Our ultra-high-performance, meticulously crafted Japanese-built products enable you to create expressive and technically outstanding imagery.

Every component of our cameras and lenses is designed and constructed with the user in mind. We believe that thoughtfully designed equipment significantly influences the creative process and the final result. From detachable EVFs to magnetic lens caps, we continually innovate to make photography a more intuitive experience, helping photographers and filmmakers reach their creative potential.

Black Lecia Camera

Capture the emotion, the essence, and the soul behind every moment. Since 1954, Leica has been an integral part of photographic history. Our products stand as icons of design, testaments to unparalleled vision, and bridges connecting profound creativity with precision. Leica cameras have witnessed history, graced by the hands of legends.

When you own a Leica, you embrace a legacy – a legacy of emotions, artistry, and compelling stories. It’s not just a camera; it’s a feeling, an era, and a voice.

OM System-logo

Impressive Image Quality. Despite their compact bodies, OM System cameras pack impressive imaging capabilities. Their Micro Four Thirds sensor size delivers excellent image quality with low noise, vibrant colours, and an impressive dynamic range.Experience the freedom of shooting handheld with our revolutionary in-body image stabilization technology. Our advanced system compensates for camera movement, ensuring you capture crisp, clear, and detailed images even in low light conditions.