Tudortech are proud to include  Panasonic to their photographic brand portfolio.

The Panasonic brand name was created in 1955 and was first used as a brand for audio speakers. 

Panasonic specialises in high-quality Japanese engineered and built compact and mirrorless camera systems, as well as world renowned Lumix G micro four-thirds lenses.

Panasonic’s Lumix G cameras come in two broad types. The ‘G’ models have DSLR-style bodies with a viewfinder on the top and the ‘GX’ models have a smaller rectangular shape like old-fashioned ‘rangefinder’ cameras, and come with and without viewfinders, depending on price. The brand new G100 adds a third type – a micro-DSLR style camera with powerful vlogging features, a viewfinder and a vari-angle screen.

Announced in 2018 and on sale from the spring of 2019, the new full frame mirrorless Lumix S models are designed for experts and professionals.

The relationship between Panasonic and Tudortech’s other photographic brands including Leica and Sigma, is further benefited by the L-Mount Alliance.  Launched on 25 September 2018, the L-Mount Alliance is an alliance between Leica Camera AG, Panasonic and Sigma, whereby Panasonic and Sigma will make use of the L-Mount standard initially developed by Leica and will offer cameras and lenses utilising this lens mount with improved firmware and full compatibility among these Alliance products.

Learn more about this exciting brand, here.

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